Saturday, 24 August 2013

Training for September

While many homeschooling families are starting their school year, or getting geared up to start, we're still in holiday mode, and preparing instead for a week of walking in the English Lake District.

Garden Views at our Favourite Holiday Cottage
in Ambleside, Cumbria, England
Ten minutes from our house is Blenheim Palace, a World Heritage site that has not only a beautiful stately home to visit, but also a brilliant 4-mile driveway which encircles the park, taking us over picturesque bridges, through Ent-like ancient forests, and fields of baby pheasants which are just changing into their adult plumage.

We decided to use this route for our training because we have an annual ticket to it, so we get in free, and because there are such good facilities at the beginning and end of the walk, especially ice cream!

Exercising in Style!
For three days, we tackled just a single circuit.  At the end of these walks, we stopped off at the walled garden and played in the maze, on the playground equipment, and challenged each other to giant chess.

Busy Timmy Swings,
Killer and Rocky Play Giant Garden Games
The fourth day, we wanted to attempt a double circuit, that is, 8 miles. We enlisted some help. First, our friends from nearby: Misses P and R, and Master F.

Friends make the Miles Seem Shorter
After a picnic, we were joined by a large crowd, all siblings.  Mayhem helped while away the time.

Many Mouths Make for a Noisy Trip!
We even think we discovered where the Ent-wives of Lord of the Rings have gone!

Busy Timmy with some Busy Buddies
We were very pleased with our 20 miles this week, and hope the weather remains dry and warm for the next week as we make our preparations.

I was reminded of how this week is similar to homeschooling in general. Take it slow and steady, keep the end in mind, don't be afraid to reward, and sometimes it's good to invite others along for the journey.

Taking the Train after a Job Well Done!

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  1. What a magnificent training route! Exciting about the Entwives!! :)


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