Wednesday, 26 December 2012

New Year's Review for Homeschoolers

Dear All

On a recent Yahoo! group, someone had posted this list of questions for newbies and veterans alike which I thought would serve as a good review as 2012 closes.

As the New Year approaches,
re-think and review your homeschooling values
Thanks to Mary Beth from the "homeschoolingboys" Yahoo group for allowing me to reproduce the list here.

> This review process will be a work in progress
> for quite a long time, as you will think of more things to add to to
> the lists, so you will want to review it periodically. Here are the
> lists you should make:

> 1. What things did you do or learn in school that have served you well
> in your adult life? (Be sure to include them in your curriculum.)

> 2. What things did you do or learn in school that have proven to have
> been a waste of time? (Don't bother with these.)

> 3. What do you wish someone had taught you? (Be sure to include them.)

> 4. There is a reason God put these children in your home. What do you
> suppose He has in mind for them that you and only you can equip them
> for? (This is why your homeschool shouldn't look like everybody
> else's.)

Your children are unique:
what are God's plans for them??

> 5. Imagine that you have a daughter. What kind of man would you want
> her to marry? How can you raise your boys to be that type of man?

> Think ahead to the day your child leaves home, whether it be for
> marriage, college, work, or missions. Answer the following questions:

> 6. What skills, values, character qualities and faith foundations do
> you want your child to have in order for you to be confident that he
> is ready to face the world on his own? What can you do now to take
> steps toward those goals?

Review the skills you want for your children:
(not sure Beetle Bailey books are what I had in mind!!!)

> 7. What do you not want to regret when your children leave home?

> If you look over these lists, you will see that you are well on your
> way to a custom-designed curriculum for your family.

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