Thursday, 28 June 2012

A most awesome satire on the government's intervention in HE

Someone posted a link recently to this blog which satires the position of the Local Authority when it comes to their approach to home educators in England.

If you're not au fait with what Local Authority means (as some in the US, for example, won't be), they're the county-level bureaucrats who are mainly in charge of truants and other children who are missing from education, but who, for some reason, think home educators fall under this category (although the law patently says that they don't) and try to hunt down every HE child in their jurisdiction for purposes, they say, of "safeguarding".

It's another word for "monitoring", but that word's a no-no since it's been proved over and over that it's not in their remit.

I encourage you to go to the link and read the whole article, but here's a snippet:

The notion of EHE policy being based on bias towards school, erroneous conflation of education and welfare, and a complete misunderstanding of home education, is unconvincing in relation to the law.  The very existence of relevant laws implies that the local authority should work within them, not simply follow the random choices of their ultra vires policy writers.  It is probably insufficient for the local authority simply to begin with complete ignorance and, well, continue in that vein. 

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