Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A Glimpse at our School Room

We were heading out on a shopping trip during school hours today, and I thought -- just in case the truancy police were around -- I'd better take some "proof" that we're homeschoolers.

So I took some snaps of our school room.

It isn't clean, tidy, or especially presentable, but it's true-to-life.

I decided to post them because someone on a Yahoo! group I belong to had posted a request today about how people organize their school rooms.

Here it is:
the unvarnished truth! (And no, I'm not intentionally advertising Ikea; however, they do sell some good stuff for homeschoolers!)

Tables bought from a supplier
of Educational Furniture

Ikea "Trofast" Storage


  1. I'm the one who asked. Thanks for the pics! I adore IKEA. Your schoolroom looks lovely.

  2. Awww ... thanks. My mother will still look at it and say, "tut, tut."

  3. Thanks for sharing your photos! I love your school room! Ours stays organized...in a purely chaotic way, lol. I always appreciate little glimpses into other homeschool rooms, and I most definitely appreciate those "true to life" glimpses. :D

    Thanks again, for sharing.

    A computer junkie, workbook hating, TV watching, iGadget addicted, eclectic homeschooling, soccer mom of 2 boys.


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