Thursday, 26 January 2012

How to Homeschool when Mother is under-the-weather -- THE SEQUEL!!!!

When Mom is ill...
school in bed!
Right.  Here it is, January, and I'm once again writing about how I coped with educating my children at home while I was ill.

Rocky watches Salsa
with the pet bird on her shoulder
Back in September, I lost my voice.  Over Christmas, I had the flu; but we weren't homeschooling then, so it didn't matter so much.

Last week, however, I both lost my voice and had a flu-like illness that kept me in bed for about ten days, off and on.

The maths must go on!

And did we give up school?  Well, for a few days, it was cancelled.  Then I realised that it was a lingering thing, and that I was going to have to do something about it.

Here are some photos of the kinds of things the kids did while I was ill: some with me, some on their own or in pairs/groups, some on the computer or telly, and quite a lot of it in my bed!!!

Killer and Phoenix perfect their magic

Busy Timmy works on map skills

Killer has to get his own lunch

Timmy and Phoenix work on the new blog

The computer-building project carries on

Something about Killer being stuck ...
not sure on this one ...

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  1. oh dear. Hope you are feeling much better now. looks like they still managed to find things to do while you were ill. x


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