Saturday, 15 October 2011

Update on my Boyschoolers

I've just decided to update the photo of my Boyschoolers, "Killer" and "Busy Timmy", after having the same photo for over a year, which was already about a year old.

So instead of highlighting a child of 2 and another of 6, you've now got the current cast, who are 4 and 8 instead.

Killer and Busy Timmy
Air Guitar at the Skate Park

This picture also highlights the beautiful Indian Summer we've been having in England since the beginning of September.  The autumn colours are just stunning, the skies a brilliant blue, and the apples are teeming on the trees.

Yesterday, we met some friends at a natural rope-swing clearing in a forest near us.  One thing about England: its footpath system, where the public can roam freely on a criss-crossing system of free paths throughout the countryside, is one of the country's greatest assets.

The "Phoenix" is flying!
Finally, don't forget the ShillerMath discount code.  The offer ends at the end of October!

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