Monday, 14 October 2013

Meet My Kids

I had a glance at my blog today, trying to see what it would say about myself to a friend whom I've not seen since at least high school.

My first thought was that, though it showed I was busy, homeschooling, and seriously "into" my projects, it also seemed to wrongly suggest that I had only two boys.

So, here's a recent photo of my family: girl, boy, girl, boy, and hubby, and myself.


Top of Helvellyn, September 2013
I'm saying "ow, ow, ow" because I'd set the camera timer for 10 seconds, tripped over a rock, ripped my thumb, & tried to smile for the photo.  L to Right: Hubby, Busy Timmy, Phoenix, Rocky (with a sweet in her mouth), Killer, & myself.


  1. Having just followed a link from the Deut list I have to say it's confusing. Do you only homeschool your boys and the girls go to school? Hope you don't mind me asking. I look forward to looking at some back posts later, better go get on with a bit of schooling now. I homeschool my 5 year old daughter. Caroline

  2. Goodness -- if I've given the impression that my girls go to school and my boys are homeschooled, I need to make some changes on my blog to clarify things! It's true that I focus on homeschooling boys on my blog because there are definitely differences in the male brain that requires tweaking approaches to those which worked for me and my eldest. Of course, the more I realise that not everything works for my eldest (a girl) and my third (also a girl) shows me that people are different regardless gender!! Nevertheless, more research recently has shown up some HUGE revelations about boys and education, especially with regard to computer use. I will be blogging about it soon because I think it's so important, and so seldom known. Thanks for your comment!


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