Monday, 8 July 2013

Phoenix does it Again -- New Kindle Titles

Phoenix, who publishes under the pen name Ellie Firestone, has published a new book on Amazon Kindle, called The Misadventure of Bolingbroke Manor.

A New Interactive Mystery for Kindle

It's an interactive mystery, which means the reader can choose what happens next by clicking a link in the book, and then finding out what consequences that decision creates.

Interactive books are nothing new, but sometimes, a bit fiddly to "turn to page 73".  This Kindle version instantly moves to the next scene of the book with only one click of the link.

Not clear?  Let me illustrate by showing you the first page of the story (you'll have to click on the image of the text to make it big enough to read ... at least, I would have to!):

As usual, Phoenix sells her book at pocket money prices, wanting to make Kindle books for kids an accessible opportunity both in terms of price and in terms of content.  

New titles are coming soon -- more interactive stories, as well as another volume in the Super Sporty series, and Spanish translations of the two shorter stories she has already published, Super Emmy: Introducing Splodge, and Super Sporty: Signed, Anonymous.

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