Saturday, 18 February 2012

Recent Blog Entry Teases out UK Home-Ed Law and Misunderstandings in the Media

Home Education in England has come under the Government's scrutiny in the last couple of years, mainly because of some high profile cases of child abuse which the media still tries to link to home education.

The facts of this are misremembered, skewed, and often entirely wrong.  Our most notable case was of a child who was withdrawn from school under Home Education laws, but who had been known by the social services and whose siblings were flagged as being malnourished at school, and yet the authorities didn't act in time to save her life.

Home Education was never the culprit, though the newspapers often like to say that it was a contributing factor.

A home-educating dad has taken a stand about this and written a very thorough, reasoned response to an article about this published in the Times Education Supplement last autumn.  Pour yourself a cup of coffee and have a look at it.

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